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How To Improve Your Baking Skills – The Top 5 Hacks

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In recent days, social media has deluged with pictures of people sharing their cooking series. Yes, the lockdown has certainly played the role of provoking people to perform and experience preparing your favorite food at home during a crisis. 
It’s not surprising that such images or posts are adequate to inaugurate the chef in you. So let’s start exploring the best possible course of action to help you bake luscious!

Precise Ingredients selection – The science of baking
Every cake demands different deposits of ingredients so choose them wisely. Be it eggs, butter, flour or sugar be selective with them. One thing you need to keep in mind is that while you start your baking process, all the ingredients that you use in the recipe are at room temperature. 

Explicit measurements – the Challenge
Baking doesn’t take much of your effort but using ingredients in an accurate measurement seeks perfection. The best practice of measuring your ingredients is using a weigh scale, but many of us don’t have access to it. In that case, you could get your hands on a set of measuring cups and spoons.

Prep your pan perfectly – The next stage
There could be nothing more desponding than a cake that gets stuck and doesn’t come out of your pan. To prevent such an incident to happen, always use a pastry brush or your fingers to brush your pan with butter or vegetable oil. Parchment paper will be your best friend while baking and smoothens the process of extracting your cake out of the pan. 

Stage by stage addition – The eggs
 Whenever you are baking with an egg, make sure that you add eggs one at a time. If you add all of them together, you run the risk of splitting the batter. Mix it well before you add the next one and see the magic! 

Never Over mix – The most important one
One of the most common mistakes which most people do is over mixing. It’s highly recommended not to over mix while you combine dry and wet ingredients. You might think that the more you mix the batter, the better the cake will be. 
It’s also fun to do so but avoid it and rather use a spatuala gently. You can use the cut and fold technique and stop mixing once no large flour pockets are visible.

Preheat the oven – the additional Hack
 It’s highly recommended to preheat your oven as time and temperature affect the texture and flavor of the cake. Always keep the pan in the middle rack for the best results. Now the time in preparation of cake might differ depending on the oven used. So keep an eye on it, but don’t keep opening the doors as it will disturb the baking process. 

A promise for you
Now that you have learned the best baking process, apply these techniques in your next preparation, and be rest assured of tasting the best of a cake you ever made. Besides, always remember the secret ingredient is always love... Best of luck! 

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